I’ve been doing a lot of things more during lockdown. One of those things is masturbating and my Quickshot Vantage has become an important part of my arsenal. I always enjoy using my hand but sometimes I want to give myself an extra treat, this is where a Fleshlight comes in.

First impressions

The Quickshot stands at 4.4″ total length while the total length of a classic Fleshlight is 9.75″ making the Quickshot just under half the height of its older brother. This smaller size makes it more convenient to travel with or to hide if you don’t live alone.

The Quickshot achieves this smaller size by having a hole on each side so your cock goes all the way through, whereas with regular Fleshlights you have to insert yourself all the way. The sleeve and case are clear so you can see your penis while using this toy.

Another thing to like about the Quickshot is its price. A regular Fleshlight will cost you around £60/70/$70 depending on which model you go for while the Quickshot will only cost you £31.49/€34.95/$34.95 (at the time of writing).

In use

While inserting myself into the Quickshot my foreskin does sometimes get caught which can be uncomfortable. You may well be able to slip straight into it but if not be prepared to use lots of lube with this toy – it’ll enhance the experience anyway! I don’t usually use lube when I’m jerking off so things got a little messier than I’m used to but if you’re a regular lube user then you’re probably used to this.

Once you’ve got the Quickshot over your cock you’re in for a treat. Using a Fleshlight is the closest thing you’re going to get to having sex without the need for a sexual partner. It’s actually taken me far longer than it should’ve to write this review because every time I go to test the Quickshot I end up having too much fun and before I know it my toes begin to curl and I’ve passed the point of no return. It’s hard to compare but I have noticed more intense and longer orgasms while using the Quickshot versus using my hand.

The open ended design of the Quickshot allows you to let your juices flow. The downside of this open ended design is that using the toy can get quite noisy. You may want to put some music on or play under your bed covers to try and mask the noise if someone may be in earshot.

After use

Cleaning the toy is just as easy as using it. You can easily slip the sleeve out of its case, run it under warm water, leave it to dry and then put it back in the case ready for the next time you want to use it. This design gives the Quickshot an advantage over regular Fleshlights as being able to take the toy apart makes it a lot easier to clean. You can even turn it inside out!


This may not be the best Fleshlight but it is the cheapest and smallest while still feeling amazing and enhancing orgasms. If you’ve never owned a Fleshlight before then this makes for an excellent first toy or just a nice addition to your arsenal if you want a Fleshlight to travel with.

I’d recommend buying the Quickshot directly from Fleshlight to ensure you receive discreet billing and shipping. You can visit their store here.

– Feels great
– Price
– Size
– Easy to clean

– Size
– Noisy
– Messy
– Can be too tight